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Elevate is Hastings' very own intern engagement program. 

As we continue to see available jobs in our community and students looking to find jobs elsewhere due to the perceived lack of activity in our community, we decided to take charge. Feeling connected to a community is a big draw for the next generation of talent. Those of us who are here know that Hastings has lots to offer, that’s why we live here! Let’s intentionally open the eyes of others together, and elevate the future of Hastings, our talent, and our community. 

Elevate, a program from Hastings Economic Development Corporation, connects interns from a variety of career paths, backgrounds, and lifestyles with a network of young professionals their age while they experience purposeful engaging community opportunities together. The program features 4 meaningfully designed events to immerse interns in all things Hastings outside of their work day! 


Summer 2023 we hosted our first ever group of Elevate Interns!

This year we have 19 interns participating in the program from 4 Hastings area businesses.

Participating businesses:

Hastings Ford - Lincoln 

Cooperative Producers Inc. 

Thermo King 

Hastings Five Points Bank 

The 2023 summer event schedule included a welcome networking event, a downtown scavenger hunt, HYP Summer Connect, and a lunch and learn professional development session. 

"My favorite thing about the Elevate Program was being able to  get insight of the community that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else."

          - Five Points Bank of Hastings 2023 Intern

(2023 Downtown Scavenger Hunt Day - Trapped Downtown)