City Services

Hastings Nebraska Municipal Government

Hastings, Nebraska is the perfect size to get involved in the daily life of the city, with organizations and committees dedicated to a wide variety of causes.

The City of Hastings, Nebraska is governed by an Administrator/Mayor/Council system.

Hastings is the county seat for Adams County, and is governed by the Adams County Board of Supervisors.

Law Enforcement

Information about the Hastings, Nebraska police department can be found on their website and Facebook page.

Hastings Police Department website:

Hastings Police Department Facebook page:

Fire Protection

Visit the Hastings Fire Department website for information about our safety and first responder teams:

Extremely Competitive Utilities

Hastings Utilities is a full-service, municipally owned utility system that operates electric, natural gas, water, and sanity sewer services for Hastings, Nebraska. This system allows Hastings residents to enjoy some of the most reliable and reasonably priced utilities in the nation.

Hastings Utilities also supplies electricity to many surrounding rural areas, with Southern Nebraska Rural Power District supplying the rest of Adams County.

For complete information, visit the Hastings Utilities website at

Electrical Facilities

Hastings Utilities has an optimum mix of base load, intermediate and peaking generation facilities.

The Whelan Energy Center (WEC) is a 77-megawatt (net output) coal fired power plant that was competed in 1982.

Hastings Utilities also has a long-term firm purchase power contract with Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), which provides low cost hydropower from the Federal dam projects to the city.

During peak consumption periods when the WEC and WAPA power is not adequate to meet the city demand, Hastings Utilities:

  • Will select the most economic alternative and either purchase power from a third party source, or
  • Bring a gas fired generation unit on line to handle additional demand.

Hastings Utilities has two, dual-fuel, natural gas fired (diesel backup) combustion steam turbines to handle intermediate and peaking load needs, and one quick start duel fuel turbine for short-term peaking needs.

Hastings Utilities partnered with four other public power electrical utilities to construct an additional 220 MW (megawatt) of generating capacity on the site of the existing Whelan Energy Center Unit 1. Completed in 2011, Whelan Energy Center Unit 2 provides Hastings Utilities with an additional 35 megawatts of production capacity, and will meet capacity needs well into the future.

Sewer Facilities

A $10 million plant modernization and expansion project was completed in 2004, and expanded capacity by 2 million gallons per day. Sewage treatment includes:

  • Secondary rotating
  • Biological contractor, and
  • Trickling filter with anaerobic digestion

All bio-solids are land applied at agronomic rates, and meet EPA 503 sludge rule requirements.

Water Facilities

Hastings is served by 21 wells. The water is:

  • Clear and clean
  • Requires no treatmen
  • Has and average winter tap temperature of 52-54°
  • Average summer tap temperature of 54-56°

Chemical make-up varies per well. Contact HEDC for complete information.


Two communication companies are located two miles south of the site: PinPoint with Level 3 and Windstream Communications. PinPoint and Level 3 have cooperative fiber optic service

Windstream Communications

Windstream offers:

  • Digital switching,And a fully redundant network with Optical SONET/IP services from OC -12 that is ring protected.
  • Windstream's point of presence is in Lincoln, Nebraska. Fiber can be extended to the site within 18 to 24 months as requests.*

The Hastings retail store is located at 321 North St Joseph.
*Source: Windstream, 2008

Pinpoint with Level 3

Pinpoint Network Services is a regional intrastate and interstate carrier featuring:

  • A diverse, long haul fiber route extending from Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois, and from Chicago, Illinois to New Orleans, Louisiana.

The fully redundant network includes more than:

  • 340 fiber miles (lit and dark fiber) in Nebraska
  • 2000 fiber miles in the entire route
  • Connection to on-net facilities with:
    • Level 3
    • AT&T
    • Qwest
    • Verizon
    • Sprint
    • 360 Networks
    • Cogent
    • PaetecI
    • owa Network Services
    • SDN Communications
    • McLeod USA
    • Fiber One
    • Windstream

Pinpoints Transport Service provides both SONET and IP based services; OC-n (3-192) and 10Mbps to 10 Gbps are available in Nebraska, the domestic United States and abroad.

Pinpoint will sell dark fiber, where available, along its fiber route. Fiber can be extended to the site within the 18-24 months requested.*

*Source: Pinpoint, 2008