Manufacturing Week 2023

October 2nd - October 6th is the national dates for Manufacturing Week! With manufacturing being a huge staple in our Hastings community we of course wanted to celebrate! 

Quick Facts:

In Hastings Nebraska:

- Manufacturing employs 2,924 jobs which is a 22% increase from 2017-2022. (Lightcast Economy Overview 2022)

- The average manufacturing earning is $68,290/year. (Lightcast Economy Overview 2022)

- Manufacturing is the largest industry to provide jobs. (Lightcast Economy Overview 2022)

- Manufacturing is the top growing industry in the area. (Lightcast Economy Overview 2022)

- Manufacturing is the field with the highest Gross Regional Product. (Lightcast Economy Overview 2022)

- Production is the largest occupation in the area. (Lightcast Economy Overview 2022)

State Wide in Nebraska:

- Manufacturing is the largest industry in terms of State Gross Domestic Product. (NE Chamber 2016)

- Manufacturers account for nearly 12% of the state's total output. (NE Chamber 2016)

Here are some details about a variety of our local manufacturers:

Bruckman Rubber

Bruckman Rubber moved to their current location in Hastings, NE in 1961. Bruckman Rubber's only location is in Hastings, and they would like to continue expanding here. Their main product they sell and specialize in is custom molded rubber parts. The rubber is made from scratch in house and then molded to meet needs. One of the most known businesses they work with is Yeti to make the rubber cooler handles. Their products are shipped all around the US and they have international partners. One of their biggest benefits being in Hastings, NE is their centralized location to ship.

Thank you to Bruckman Rubber for letting a group tour Monday October 2nd to kick off Manufacturing Week. President Travis Turek gave a fantastic presentation and plant manager, Stephanie Hulme gave a wonderful tour and explanation of their processes start to finish. Turek explained currently their biggest form of marketing is word of mouth. Years of great quality product, and great customer service has gained them fulfilling customers.

Centennial Plastics

Centennial Plastics started in Hastings, NE in 2001 by a passionate group of people. They are not only in Hastings, but have a location in Nampa, Idaho. Their main product is sales of plastic polyethylene pipe materials. Their pipe is used for potable water, irrigation, geothermal heat exchange, conduit, HDPE, and natural gas. In 2004, Centennial Plastics was named the 40th fastest growing company in the  United States by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Chief Ethanol 

The Hastings, NE Chief Ethanol plant has been owned and operated from 1990. They operate Nebraska's first dry-mill ethanol plant and remain committed to producing renewable fuel and high-quality animal feed. They also have a location in Lexington, NE.

Cooperative Producers Inc. (CPI)

CPI is headquartered in Hastings, NE, they came into existence in 1978 as a merchandising arm of six area coops, the CPI of today was formed in 2007 with the final merger of those coops. They operate in 30 other communities across south central Nebraska as well. The main products and services they offer include agronomy, energy, feed and grain.

Drake Tool & Design LLC

Drake Tool & Design was founded in 2003 in Hastings, NE. They operate out of a 10,000 square foot facility in the north industrial park. They provide commercial plastic injection molding services for local, national, and international industries. They also produce a wide variety of tools and parts.

Dutton-Lainson Company 

Dutton-Lainson was founded in Hastings, NE in 1886. What started as a horse collar manufacturing plant now is a leader in wholesale and manufacturing businesses. They produce products for the marine, agricultural, industrial, and automotive markets throughout the world. Dutton-Lainson also owns and operates Hastings Equity, Showcase, and Cornhusker Press, all located in Hastings, NE.


Flowserve employs more than 15,000 associates in 300-plus locations around the world, including over 180 quick response centers that provide aftermarket parts and services to customers. Flowserve offers more than 100 distinct pump models and a wide range of valve and seal products.

Hastings HVAC

Hastings HVAC was established in Hastings, NE in 1938. Their main products are commercial and industrial heating, ventilating and air-handling units. They sell these units all across the US and in 11 international countries.

Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company (HIPCO)

In 1949 Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company was started in a small garage in Hastings, NE. They started producing light gauge steel, stainless, and aluminum products when it was a relatively new and exciting light metal. Today they operate in over 220,000 square feet of manufacturing space. They have a second plant in Madera, California. They ship to all 50 states, and to over 270 foreign countries. Their products have reached the agricultural, architectural, construction, electronic communication, energy/oil, marine/boating, meteorological, trucking, and tube mill industries. Founder of HIPCO, Paul Hohnstein was named Nebraska Entrepreneur of the Year in 1995. In 1997, HIPCO was given the Outstanding Nebraska Industry Award by Nebraska Governor Ben Nelson in recognition of the contribution to the economic base and economic stability of the state.

L-H Manufacturing 

L-H Manufacturing has been in Hastings, NE for over 30 years. Their products include gate closers, feed-bunks, bale feeder wagons, creep feeders, versa-totes, sheep feeding equipment, saddle racks, post drivers, continuous fence, and corral panels. L-H ships all over the Midwest.

Nebraska Aluminum Castings (NAC)

Nebraska Aluminum Castings was founded in Hastings, NE in 1975. They have outgrown the original 14,000 square foot facility into a 120,000 square foot facility. They produce high pressure custom aluminum die castings. Their main clientele throughout the Midwest are agriculture, automotive, construction, transportation, recreation, and petroleum industries.

Pacha Soap

Pacha Soap was founded in Hastings, NE in 2013 and has grown tremendously. The company supports poverty around the world by setting up soap shops, clean water initiatives and other sustainable ventures in developing nations. Their soap is produced with minimal equipment and from herbs and plants found in nature. The word Pacha means "Earth" in Quechua, the language of the Peruvian people.

PaperWorks Industries

PaperWorks was founded in 2008. The Hastings location started as Great Plains Packaging in 1956. In 1992 they added laminated cartons and formed Gibraltar Packaging. They joined PaperWorks industries in 2011. While their corporate office is in Pennsylvania, they have plant locations in several other states and Canada. The Hastings location focuses on producing cartons and boxes. For example boxes you see in the frozen aisle, tea, household goods, pharmaceutical supplies, and much more.

Thermo King 

Thermo King opened their Hastings, NE corporation in the early 1980's. A sector of Trane Technologies, Thermo King specializes in transport temperature control systems. They have locations across the nation and ship internationally. Thermo King is one of the largest employers in Hastings, employing over 500 people. Thermo King brings in interns and temporary workers from all across the US.

Wilson Case 

Wilson Case was founded in 1976. They are a leading manufacturer of ATA-300 (Category 1) shipping cases and can engineer and manufacture tough shipping cases to protect anything during transit. They can make custom cases or also sell stock shipping cases to ship in just a few business days.