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The Hastings Economic Development Corporation has purchased and is seeking to develop 93 acres in north Hastings. The property consists of a single family residence and an abandoned farmstead located at 33rd Street and Osborne East as well as the accompanying 90 acres +/- of farm ground. 


The objective of the development project is to bring to market property to encourage commercial and retail development, hospitality, multi-family housing, single family homes, and senior and/or student targeted housing. The Hastings Economic Development Corporation will serve as master developer for the site, and it will work to recruit private investment opportunities to undertake site-specific ground-up developments.

At full build out, HEDC would like to see 60+ single family home lots, 200-300 units of multifamily housing, approximately 15 acres available for retail and commercial development, and 10+ acres for senior housing or another campus-type targeted residential development.


HEDC intends to pursue and finalize municipal partnerships for infrastructure installation in 2017 Q1 and Q2. A true development timeline for the site will be highly dependent on the structure of a potential infrastructure financing arrangement with the City of Hastings. A probable schedule looks as follows: 

2017 Q1 – Due Diligence (Blight Study, Phase 1, and Survey)
2017 Q2 – Acquisition, Site Planning, Developer Recruitment
2017 Q3 – Site Planning, Developer Recruitment, Targeted Demolition
2017 Q4 – Developer Recruitment, Site Grading, Phase 1 Infrastructure 
2018 Q1 – Developer Recruitment, Phase 1 Infrastructure
2018 Q2 – Phase 1 Infrastructure, Phase 1 Construction (Developer Dependent)
2018 Q3 – Single Family Residential Infrastructure Planning/Installation
2018 Q4  – Developer Recruitment and Build out of Commercial and Residential Lots
2019 Q1 – Single-Family Home Planning

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