CCC Business Incubator graduates tenant

The CCC Small Business Institute is pleased to announce that one of its Business Incubator tenants, the Tri-City Auction Center, will be graduating from the Incubator building in May.

The Tri-City Auction Center began its initial operations in the Incubator Building in November, 2008, and have held successful, bi-monthly auctions since that time. They will be re-locating to the former K of C Building in Hastings, which will provide additional space for their auctions as well as provide a more central location.

The main purpose of the CCC Business Incubator is to assist new small businesses survive their start-up period when they are most vulnerable. The Incubator offers management guidance, technical assistance, limited shared services and equipment, and any needed help in ultimately re-locating the successful business. Favorable lease rates are available for space in the Incubator, with possible stays of up to three years.

Eleven other start-up businesses have occupied the CCC Incubator since its beginning in 1995, the majority of whom have gone on to successful operations. Note that, nationally, 87% of firms that have graduated from a Business Incubator are still in business.

If you are a new small business looking for space to get started; or are an existing small business that wishes to grow/expand in the future, our Business Incubator may be the place for you. Please contact Don Hulme at CCC, 402-461-2461, for further information.