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What is the purpose of HEDC?

To advance, encourage, promote, and stimulate the general economic, commercial educational, social, civic, and general welfare and prosperity of the City of Hastings Nebraska and its surrounding territory, by securing the assistance, cooperation and unity of action of all persons, corporations and organizations interested in such objects and purposes;

To promote the industrial, agricultural, commercial, educational, social, and civic growth and development of said City and its surrounding territory for the general benefit, welfare and prosperity of such community;

To make gifts, donations or contributions to any public or private corporation, organization or entity in furtherance on any of the general purposes of the corporation or for the public welfare or for charitable scientific educational, social or civic purposes and to receive or accept gifts, donations or contributions from any private or public corporation, organization or entity or from private individuals. 

When was HEDC established?

The Hastings Economic Development Corporation was organized in 1973 to stimulate growth in all phases of economic development: local industry, new industry, agri-business and retail. The membership of over one hundred is comprised of local businesses concerned with maintaining and expanding the high economic and social standards of the area.

How does HEDC contribute to the community?

By stimulating growth in all phases of economic development:
Local Industry, Agri-business, New Industry, Commercial Services, Housing, Education, and Other. 

What factors are necessary for the success of HEDC?

To attain the necessary manpower
To raise sufficient fund to be effective
To coordinate all major agencies within the area
To improve community attitude
To satisfy the community's desire for movement with no half measures

Who presides over HEDC?

2013 Board of Directors:
Jay Landell, President
Terry Anstine, Vice President
Bob Fifield, Treasurer
Jeanette Dewalt, Hastings Utilities Representative
Scott Krieger, Hastings Utilities Representative

Board Members:
Bob Wilson
Bill Hitesman
Todd Kwiecinski
Cyndi McDaniel
Don Hulme
Duane Kristensen
Bob Finnigsmier
Shree Gurumurthy
Ed Schlachter

Bob Herbek
Gale Beirow
Tyler Adam
John Farrell
Lavern Franzen
Don Jackson
Jack Schreiner
Bruce Cutright
Jim Guthmann

Bob Foote, Jr
Justin Osborne
Pat Mertens
Bob Poppe
Dwight Splitt
Dee Haussler
William Hermes
George Anderson
Tom Hastings

Government Representatives:
Vern Powers - City Representative
Joe Patterson - City Representative
Marv Schultes - Hastings Utilities Representative
Michael Krings - City Council Representative
Lee Saathoff - County Supervisor Representative